How Much Does A Wedding Magician Cost?

how much does a wedding magician cost?

Wedding magicians and other wedding entertainment can all too often fall into the ‘nice to have’ category, rather than the ‘need’ category, in the minds of couples planning their wedding. And because few will have hired a magician before for any reason, most people have no idea of what it costs to have a magician entertain their guests at their wedding. In fact, one of the most frequently Googled terms regarding wedding entertainment is ‘How much does a wedding magician cost?’ So, let’s find out…

Wedding magicians are highly skilled professional entertainers who will enchant your guests with energy and a touch of the unusual at your drinks reception. We highly recommend hiring one if there’s room in your budget.

A good wedding magician, depending on your area, will cost you anywhere between £750-£1500, according to our official wedding magician FAQs.

It will be easy enough to find a magician cheaper than this, if you’re really shopping on price, but £750 is really the price point for an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing. Do not consider paying less than £500, as performers charging less than this are generally inexperienced and selling their services purely on price. There is no guarantee of quality and for your wedding day, we don’t consider that a risk worth taking.

A good wedding magician can work the room, engage your guests and make them laugh and feel at ease as much as perform professional magic. They can entertain adults and children alike and really add value at a drinks reception when, without entertainment, the general mood is typically one of boredom.

For £750+, you can expect two hours of walk-around (aka “street magic”) at your drinks reception. And this a standard service and the most popular package offered by the majority of wedding magicians.

Some couples also want an additional performance for them, either on stage in front of their guests or in private.

Factors Affecting Wedding Magician Prices

Weddings are very seasonal. The spring and summer months are popular, creating high demand for good wedding magicians between about April and September. Additionally, magicians with any form of celebrity status tend to be in higher demand as well, which will naturally drive up their prices.

Now that you know the cost range for a magician, if you’re interested in hiring one or at least inquiring, please use our wedding magician search engine.

Cheap Wedding Photographers Are False Economy – Here’s Why

We understand that getting married can be expensive and that you may be looking to cut costs. But cheap wedding photographers are not something you should be looking for.

If you are looking to cut costs, it’s important to know what to spend money on and where you can get away with spending less. We wrote a post about it. And we found that cutting costs on a wedding photographer is a generally bad idea.


Because cheap wedding photographers are more often than not mediocre wedding photographers. And your wedding photos are likely to be the most enduring memento from your big day. They’re likely to be in the walls of your house for the rest of your life! Do you really want to go cheap on that?

Why Cheap Photographers Are Likely To Produce Lower Quality Photos

cheap wedding photographers

There are two parts to modern digital photography. There’s what happens on the day with the camera. The photographer takes your photos. But then there’s all the photo shopping. A lot of work goes into making your photos look pretty.

That dodgy tooth you’ve got that’s off-white, or that pimple that popped up the day before your wedding that the makeup artist didn’t do a perfect job on. They’re on your photos. But your photographer will make them magically disappear.

This second part of wedding photography takes time. And cheap, all too often, means quick. Which means less time spent. Inevitably that results in a lower quality product.

And when cheap doesn’t mean quick, it means slow. Really slow. If you happen to get the type of photographer who charged low fees but still wants to do a good job, he or she is going to be touching up your photos between other jobs, because they were not paid to dedicate any real time to it.

We’re betting you want your wedding photos before your first anniversary, right?

Convinced you should spend a bit more and get a good wedding photographer now? Find the right wedding photographer for you, right here at Wedding SuperMarket.

What Are Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts given by the bride and groom, to their guests, during a wedding ceremony or wedding reception. These gifts are given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude, or a memento to remember the day. They have become traditional in some Western cultures.

As a wedding guest, you’ll often find one as part of your place setting when you sit down to eat the wedding breakfast.

The Origins of Wedding Favours

The tradition of distributing wedding favours is hundreds of years old. It is believed that the first wedding favour, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere, a small trinket box that was made of crystal, porcelain or precious stones. The contents of these precious boxes were generally sugar cubes or delicate confections, which symbolised wealth and royalty.

As sugar became more affordable, sugar cubes were replaced by sugar-coated almonds as this became the standard wedding favour for hundreds of years.

Wedding Favours Today

Today, gifts to guests are commonly known as wedding favours and are shared in cultures worldwide, having become an accepted part of wedding reception planning, especially in the United States and Canada but also here in the UK.

Modern Wedding Favour Trends & Ideas

Modern favours are diverse and usually complement the theme or season of the event or are in some way connected to the personalities of the couple getting married. Classic favours can range from the classic sugared almonds originally distributed by European aristocrats hundreds of years ago; to individual chocolates or candles and scented soaps.

Modern gift trends include small personalised gifts or a charitable donation in the name of their guests.

personalised wedding favour

For more wedding favour ideas, check out our related blog posts and browse our online store.

At Wedding SuperMarket, we have a wide range of wedding favours available to order online.

How To Choose A Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make during the wedding planning process. This is because choosing your venue is going to determine the day on which you get married which means it potentially impacts the availability of everybody else involved in your big day. It will also impact the backgrounds of your wedding photography. In this article we give our best advice on how to choose a wedding venue.


When choosing your wedding venue, there are many factors to consider. For many, cost is likely to be one of them. This needs little discussion. You need to choose somewhere that you can afford.

In House Catering?

sushi on top of plates

You may also find yourself having to make choices you perhaps don’t want to make based on the policies of certain venues. For example, some wedding venues insist you use their in-house catering. This may give you limited choices when it comes to deciding what you want to serve at your wedding breakfast.

For example, if you’re having a mixed-heritage or Asian wedding, and serving Indian food is important because it’s what many of your guests will expect, you may have to decide against a particular venue if they will not satisfying your catering needs.


Another important practical question to ask is whether the venue can accommodate your guest list. If you’re having a small wedding, this is unlikely to be a problem but if you’re inviting hundreds of people, you’ll need to be sure that your venue has the capacity. This can be a source of frustration because you cannot send out invitations until after you’ve booked the venue.


shallow focus photo of castle during daytime

There are all kinds of wedding venues. There are large country houses surrounded as far as the eye can see by rolling hills and countryside, and there are modern, inner city, glass and metal hotels and skyscrapers. There are also castles, palaces or foreign destinations you may want to consider.

The aesthetic of your venue will influence the kind of wedding you have. Choose an aesthetic you like. It will also be what appears in the background of all of your wedding photos.

List Your Priorities

Choosing your wedding venue is a personal decision. And if compromises need to be made, you and your spouse will need to be clear about what is important to you.

Wedding SuperMarket’s venue search allows you to filter your search to help you quickly find a venue that will cater to your needs. We hope it helps you. That’s why we built it.

If you have any further questions about how to choose a wedding venue, drop us a comment below.

Getting Married On A Budget? Here’s How & How Not To Spend Your Money…

Getting married can be expensive. In fact, for most people, it’s likely to be the most expensive day of your life. The average wedding in the UK costs between £26,000-32,000! That’s a lot of money! So if you’re having to trim back your dream wedding in order to have something practical and affordable, let’s have a look at what’s actually worth spending money on and what’s not…

Wedding Dress

women's gray dress

Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding dress since they were children. So it’s not going to be something that you perhaps want to compromise on. The good news is that there are wedding dresses made for every budget level and also that a very pretty wedding dress need not necessarily break the bank. And the savings you make on a dress that you will probably only wear once can be huge.

At the end of the day, this particular decision is yours.

Wedding Photography

woman in red and black floral dress carrying black leather shoulder bag

The photographs of your wedding day are likely to be the longest lasting thing from your wedding day. In many cases they’ll last longer than your spouse! And here’s a statistic for you – going cheap on wedding photography is one of the most frequently regretted decisions by newly-wed couples. So it’s probably advisable not to cut costs here and to hire a wedding photographer who you are confident will do a good job and meet your expectations.

Wedding Entertainment

black dj controller on table

At the end of the day entertainment is what makes a party a party and your guests may attend many weddings or other types of parties all year round. The challenge with any wedding is to make it stand out and wedding entertainment is a great way of doing that. For your reception, you’re going to have to hire either a DJ or a live band for the evening. And during your drinks reception, having a close-up magician walking around performing to your guests can be a fantastic touch. We don’t recommend cutting corners on entertainment because if it’s really good, it’s something your guests are likely to remember for a long time.

Wedding Cake

white and green floral table cloth

Wedding cakes can be very artistic. Some of the wedding cakes we’ve seen are quite honestly a wonder to behold. The question is whether or not that justifies spending £500+ on it. Often the answer is no. Tell me – can you remember a wedding cake from any wedding you’ve been to recently? We don’t recommend spending a fast amount on a wedding cake if you can’t afford to.

In conclusion

Our strategy is pretty clear – spend the money on the things you can’t live with our and the things you and your guests are going to remember. When all is said and done, what is a wedding celebration about if not creating shared memories?

How you ultimately decide to spend your budget is your decision. But we hope we’ve helped to shine some light on some of the costs that might be worth cutting and others that you might want to keep.

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