How To Choose A Wedding Venue

wedding venue

Choosing your perfect wedding venue is the first major decision that has to be made when planning your wedding. Until you choose the where, you cannot choose your caterer, photographer, florist, centre-pieces or any of the other hundred and one things that make up a wedding day. And with so many wedding venues on offer, it may not be as simple as it seems. This article explains exactly how to choose a wedding venue.

Some brides have a particular place in mind. Often somewhere that has some personal meaning to them. Others just want somewhere local or close to where they live. Increasingly, since the rise of low cost air travel, brides are choosing locations outside of their home country and having what is known as a destination wedding.

Is it within your budget?

Since money is such a non-negotiable limitation, you should start by making a list of possible venues in your price range. We’re often asked what a reasonable budget looks like and it’s a difficult question to answer because it depends heavily on where you are in the country and the type of venue you have in mind.

Do the dates work?

You need to make sure the venue is available on your chosen date, or that you can get married on a date when the venue is available.

Can the venue accommodate your guest list?

You need to consider whether the venue has capacity to accommodate the guests you want to invite. Otherwise you may have to face awkward situations when you can’t invite everybody you’re obliged to invite.

Does the venue allow external suppliers?

Some venues allow you to bring any suppliers you want in for your day while others have approved supplier lists, and other still insist you use specific services. Make sure you’re happy with any choices the venue ‘forces’ you to make.

You now know how to choose a wedding venue.

Wedding Magicians: What They Do & Why You Need One

wedding magicians

Magicians are not necessarily the first thing you think of when somebody says they’re planning a wedding but they do have a very important role to play and can indeed enhance a wedding day…

As a bride, you don’t often think about what your guests will be doing while they’re not watching you get married, or eating or dancing. But the truth is that life as a wedding guest can involve a lot of waiting around.

Particularly during times like your drinks reception – while you are busy having your photos taken – what are your guests doing? There really isn’t much for them to do unless you provide something. And it’s during your drinks reception when a wedding magician can add the most value.

What Do Wedding Magicians Do?

During a drinks reception, everybody just stands around making idle chit-chat. Let’s face it – they’re just killing time until the next bit: typically the bride and groom entrance. It’s like a really really long interval.

A wedding magician most often performs close-up magic to your guests in the small groups they are often already standing in. Compared with the other options, such as a caricature artist or a musical act, magic is a uniquely interactive form of entertainment because it gives your guests the opportunity to get involved and actually take part in the entertainment rather than just watching it, as they would most other types of acts.

A magician will typically perform a set of three to five tricks with any one group and it typically lasts ten to fifteen minutes.

Novel, Unique And Memorable

Despite the popularity of “street magic” in recent years, most people have never seen a live magician. So having a live magician at your drinks reception can add a very unique and novel experience for your guests. People typically remember the first time they do something.

The Last Word

The last thing you want at a drinks reception is bored guests. And unfortunately, when no entertainment is provided, that’s all too often what you get. You can tell your guests are bored, because they’re on social media, scrolling endlessly through things happening to other people when they are at a party you have spent thousands of pounds on.

When you think about it this way, drinks reception entertainment is worth the money.